God’s power over circumstances

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God’s power over circumstances

God’s power over circumstances
Each one of us has our own giant to face. That one or more huge problems that bring us down and no matter what we tried, we cannot defeat it. Broken family, broken relationship, marital problems, couldn’t find work, bullying in school, and problems with ministries, business failures, unreachable dreams and on and on. We cried, we prayed, we tried with all our might but nothing changes.

In the book of 2 Chronicles 20, Jehoshaphat King of Judah, was attacked by three countries of much greater number than them. He and his people were scared and defeat was looming in front of them. However, one thing that Jehoshaphat had was faith in God. As soon as he heard the news about the attack, he seeks the Lord and proclaim fast throughout all Judah. Everyone was in unity. Jehoshaphat knew and declared the greatness of the Lord (verse 6-9), He knew that the God that he worship would be able to deliver Him. He did not use his own strength trying to find his way out. But he relied on God 100% and waited on Him. And did God ever deliver them from the enemy without even fighting. They won and to God is all the glory.

Paul and Silas were wrongly captured, tortured and chained in jail (acts 16:19-40), but they never lose hope. On the contrary, they sang hymn, pray and worshiped God. And God, with His mighty power, performed miracles. That night, not only that Paul and Silas were saved, but the keeper of the jail, the enemy and his family was saved too.
God can change our circumstances. Never lose hope! Keep praising and worshiping Him! Keep praying to Him! Believe in His might and His wonders. He created and owns the heaven and earth. He wants to help us. Whatever we face, no matter how big and seems like it is impossible, if we believe in Him, the way Jehoshaphat, Paul and Silas did, then miracle WILL happen. The key is to pray, to fast, to praise and worship Him with faith. Declare His greatness that our God can do the impossible.

Remember, if we want to see God do the impossible then we have to face an impossible situation. Don’t ever lose hope in the middle of the battle.

Matthew 19:26

Daily prayer
I worship Almighty God and I declare Your greatness over my circumstances. I believe that You are able to deliver me and let Your glory shines for all to see. Forever I will believe in You and never lose my sight of You and never lose my hope. In Jesus mighty name.